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                2013 PIAC

                The theme for PIAC 2013 is "Patent Information and Innovation-driven Development Strategy". As the largest patent information conference in China, PIAC is designed to provide an international platform for the exchange of patent information.

                >>Plenary Session



                Corporate Practice of IP Management

                This breakout session talks about business development so as to share experience. We invited IP legal personnel from well-known enterprises to discuss on how enterprises conduct patent portfolio when expand domestic and foreign markets...

                >>Breakout Session

                Analysis of Typical Cases on Patent Litigation

                This breakout session analyses typical cases on patent litigation. We invited judiciary heavyweight honored guests to deliver excellent speeches, covering topics such as typical patent litigation cases in each participating countries...

                >>Breakout Session

                World IP Status

                This breakout session focuses on latest foreign patent system innovation and patent information services where we invited patent celebrities from abroad.

                >>Breakout Session

                Evaluation and Monetization of Patents

                This breakout session is one of the featured sessions in PIAC 2013 which discusses the latest information like current new models for IP transactions, license on patent transfer, patent protection and commercialization and so on.

                >>Breakout Session

                Corporate IP Management in China and Japan

                This breakout session is an open one, and it adopts the way of presentation and interaction to share experience in corporate IP management.

                >>Breakout Session

                Download Center

                This is download center for conference information. As long as you are registered as a PIAC-CNIPR member, you’ll get access to download the latest and most valuable conference information!

                >>Requests for information